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Lives and Livelihoods Are at Risk

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Union Construction Knows Safety

No one understands the importance of safety like the union construction industry. Safety is the first priority and greatest responsibility of every union-signatory contractor and our trade union partners. Now, it matters more than ever.

Most union workers exceed 5000 hours of union apprenticeship training. They meet the highest OSHA training and certifications, as well as state and national safety training standards.

In addition, construction unions across California have now adopted a uniform COVID19 training course focused exclusively on safety and best practices.

We work with hazards on the job site every day. Our job is always to identify them, communicate about them, mitigate the risk, and get the job done safely. COVID-19 is a new unprecedented hazard and the union construction industry has well-established ways of addressing hazards every day while working to build and maintain California’s most vital infrastructure.

While we can’t control the global pandemic, we can control what happens on our individual job sites. It is imperative that workers fully understand that each and every action they take can impact not only themselves and their families but also every single person both on the job site and in their communities.


California is Relying On Us

Our industry supports the vital infrastructure that keeps our communities safe and working: roads, bridges, highways, transit, water, sewer, utilities, hospitals, schools, affordable housing and more. We are the backbone of California’s infrastructure and our state’s economy. We are an essential business and we have a responsibility to help flatten the COVID-19 curve. Lives and livelihoods are at stake.

One person operating unsafely on one job site threatens the lives and livelihood of the entire industry.

COVID-19 Jobsite Safety Enforcement

The responsibility to keep our workers, job sites, and communities safe starts at the top and ends with every worker, on every job site. We are all in this together.

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