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As we fight this pandemic, we pledge to make COVID-19 safety our number one priority.

We recognize and take seriously the critical role we have in flattening the COVID-19 curve as we work to build and maintain California’s public and private infrastructure, housing and business foundation.

We pledge to stop and mitigate any situation where the work could be unsafe.

We pledge to communicate, educate, implement and enforce vigorous safety standards for every worker, on every job.

We take seriously the responsibility we have to protect our teams, our families and our communities.

We know that lives and livelihoods are at stake.

We recognize that we are all in this together.

18 Trucking, Inc.
AFG Group
All Points Construction
Alliant Insurance Services, San Jose CA
Andreini Bros. Inc.
Autobuilders General Contracting Services, Inc.
BAMF Global Technologies
Bauman Landscape and Construction, Inc.
Bay Area Concretes, Inc.
Bay Cities Paving & Grading, Inc.
Beliveau Engineering Contractors, Inc.
Bjork Construction Co. Inc.
Bolton & Company
BrightView Landscape Development, Inc.
Brosamer & Wall, Inc.
Builtall Construction
C.A. Rasmussen, Inc.
CA State Building and Construction Trades Council
Cal Safety Consulting, Inc.
California Professional Engineering
Can-Am Engineering and Exploration
Capital Region Water
Carno Law Group
Carone and Company, Inc.
Case/Sonsray Machinery
Central Concrete Supply Co., Inc.
Central Striping Service, Inc.
CFAO, Inc.
Chrisp Company
Clark Sullivan Construction
Clear Creek Systems
CMC Traffic Control Specialists, Inc.
Columbia Electric, Inc.
Commerce Construction Co., L.P.
Condon-Johnson & Associates, Inc.
Construct Your Image
Construction Industry Air Quality Coalition
Cooper Engineering, Inc.
County of Sacramento
Crane Rental Service, Inc.
Cratus Inc.
D & D Pipelines, Inc.
D&V General Engineering
Daleo Inc.
D-Line Constructors, Inc.
Dees Burke Engineering Constructors, LLC
DeSilva Gates Construction
Don Chapin Company
DP Nicoli
Dunn-Edwards Corporation
Eco Bay Services
Engineering Contractors Association
Eric F. Anderson, Inc.
Esquivel Grading & Paving, Inc.
Evans Brothers, Inc.
Evening Star Joinery
Ferreira Construction
Foundation Constructors, Inc.
FWI Custom Homes LLC
George Reed, Inc.
Ghilotti Bros., Inc.
Ghilotti Construction Company
Goebel Construction, Inc.
Golden Bay Construction, Inc.
Golden Pacific Surveys
Gordon N. Ball, Inc.
Granite Construction Company
Hod Carriers and Laborers Local 783
Horan Building Co., Inc.
Hoseley Corporation
Hydro Restoration Inc.
Innovate Concrete, Inc.
IUOE Local 3
JDB & Sons Construction, Inc.
Jensen Landscape & Construction Company, LLC
JMB Construction, Inc.
Joseph J. Albanese, Inc.
K.J. Woods Construction Company, Inc.
Kerex Engineering, Inc.
Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.
L&D Construction
Laborer Member Local 300
Laborers Local 300
Laborers Local 324
Landavazo Bros. Inc.
Liffey Electric, Inc.
LiUNA Local 300
LiUNA Local 309
LiUNA Local 585
LiUNA Local 1184
Lone Star Landscape, Inc.
Luminart Concrete
Maharashtra Emergency Medical Services
Marina Landscape, Inc.
Martin Brothers Construction Inc.
Martin General Engineering, Inc.
MBI Excavation
McGuire and Hester
Mike Bubalo Construction Co, Inc.
Mitchell Engineering
Monterey Mechanical Co.
Mountain Cascade, Inc.
Mozingo Construction, Inc.
O’Grady Paving, Inc.
Oak Grove Construction
Operating Engineers Local 3
OSHA Training Institute Education Center at Chabot-Las Positas College
P C & N Construction, Inc.
Pacific Coast Drilling Company, Inc.
Pacific Restoration Group, Inc
Pacific West Builders
Painting and Decorating Contractors of California Inc.
Pavement Recycling
Plaster Tenders, Local 1414
Platinum Pipeline, Inc.
PMK Contractors, LLC
Poms Landscaping, Inc.
Power Engineering Construction Co.
Power One, LLC
Precision Directional Boring, Inc
Preston Pipelines, Inc.
Pride Resource Partners
Purdue University
R & R Maher Const. Co., Inc.
R N R Construction, Inc.
R. E. Maher Inc.
RAM Rick Albert Machinery, Inc.
Ranger Pipelines, Inc.
Ranger Steel, Inc.
Riverside Construction Company, Inc.
Robert A. Bothman Construction
RV Concrete
Schindler Elevator
Security Paving Company, Inc.
Sequoia Civil, LLC
Silverado Contractors, Inc.
Sinclair General Engineering Construction, Inc.
Smith Denison Construction Company
Sonsray Machinery
Southern California District Council of Laborers
Spectra Inc.
St. Francis Electric LLC
Stacy and Witbeck, Inc.
Steelhead Constructors, Inc.
Steve P. Rados, Inc.
Stomper Company, Inc.
Suarez & Munoz Construction, Inc.
Sudbury Design Group
Sully-Miller Contracting Co.
Super Seal & Stripe
Suttles Plumbing and Mechanical
Talus Construction, Inc.
Tennyson Electric, Inc.
The Blue Book
The Conco Companies
Toro Enterprises, Inc.
Transdev Rail, Inc.
Truckin’ Rockz, LLC
Twining, Inc.
US Framing International Safety
USFI Safety
United Contractors
Valentine Corporation
Viking Drillers, Inc.
Vulcan Construction & Maintenance, Inc.
W. Bradley Electric, Inc.
Walsh Construction
Walsh-Shea Corridor Constructor
Webcor Builders
West Coast Arborists, Inc.
Western Paving Contractors Inc.
Western Traffic Supply, Inc.