Owner & Agency Commitment

We pride ourselves as an industry in our ability to partner together with owners and agencies to overcome tough challenges. Owners and agencies have the ability to create a platform for industry compliance across regions and the state. The manner in which they partner with contractors sets the tone for a collaborative and safe outcome.

Owners and agencies should recognize that there may be an impact to project schedules as a result of taking the necessary safety precautions for COVID-19. To create the safest and most effective completion of work during COVID-19, owners and agencies should implement the following:

  • Provide clear standards for contractors working on your jobs
  • Do not push contractors to perform jobs that they indicate cannot be done safely
  • Any contractor who elects to discontinue construction operations due to supply chain disruptions or employee shortages should be granted non-working days or similar
  • Any contractor who incurs additional costs as a result of COVID-19 required protocols should be granted a change-order and reimbursed as quickly as possible
  • Commit to fully staff construction projects with all state/local/owner and consultant staff to fulfill your inspection and administrative obligations
  • Encourage contractors to use all mandated or necessary resources, and allow for those costs in the project
  • Owners and agencies and contractors should use this opportunity to utilize and demonstrate the value and purpose of industry Partnering to its highest degree