Workforce Accountability

Construction unions and contractors across California are dedicating resources, creating and deploying training curriculums, and sending their personnel onto jobsites in support of field craft-persons. Do your part too.

Every worker on every job has a responsibility to operate as safely as possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Union members should hold each other to these high standards, and work together to protect team members, families and communities.

Top 10 Rules for Zero Tolerance Jobsite Safety Enforcement: 

  1. No congregating before or after the the work shift
  2. No multi-person commuting or riding in crew trucks without separation
  3. No eating lunch or breaks sitting or standing next to each other
  4. No sharing of food, beverages, iPads, cell phones or digital devices
  5. No sharing of any PPE
  6. No meetings or gatherings without social distance
  7. No use of equipment or tools without prior disinfecting
  8. No illnesses hidden on the job because you can’t miss work
  9. No pushback, ridicule or complaining about others embracing social distancing or the wearing of masks on the job
  10. No compromises for friends or colleagues who don’t want to follow the required guidelines