Field Leader Support

Safety is non-negotiable.

The construction industry’s number one value is safety for every single person. Everyone should go home to their family every night. The most important people to ensure this are the superintendents and foremen. Field leaders are in charge of safety on every job every day. With Zero Tolerance, it is exactly the same.

Guidelines for field leaders in the industry:

  • Treat social distancing exactly how you would any other safety requirement
  • Lead by example. Everyone is going to be watching what you do. Remember that you are setting the tone for everyone on the job
  • Remember you are trying to change behaviors rapidly. Getting the crews to change habits is going to take repetition and patience
  • Treat every worker the same. No one can be above the proper protocol
  • Expect pushback. Many people on and off the job are not taking the proper steps to protect themselves and their families because they don’t understand the gravity of the situation. Their beliefs do not give them an excuse for non-compliance. Field leaders cannot make exceptions or compromises because of objections from their crews
  • If you remain strong and hold the line on Zero Tolerance, you may save someone’s life, like that of their parent, grandparent or child
  • Take disciplinary action if necessary. Sometimes people require consequences to be motivated to comply. Just like there are consequences for refusing to wear a hard hat, hook up fall protection, wear safety goggles or attend safety meetings, there are consequences for not following COVID-19 protocols. Taking coronavirus precautions as seriously as all other precautions will encourage behavioral change in the industry